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The F G Group S.p.A has a large capacity of plants dedicated to heat treatment on aluminum and its alloys which consists of chamber, carriage, carpet and continuous class 4 (solubilization) and 2 (aging) furnaces.

The wide range of services offered has made it possible to create important collaborations over the years with industry giants such as Tesla, therefore to deepen the study on the material up to being able to offer the possibility to customize the treatment according to the types of artifacts and needs of the customer. In particular, we perform:

  • Complete annealing and stress relief (to improve the workability of the tool)
  • T0
  • T4 = Solubilization and natural aging
  • T5 = Cooling from hot working temperature and artificial aging
  • T6 = Solubilization and artificial aging
  • T7 = Solubilization and stabilization

Solubilization allows to put the alloy elements in solution; it is generally performed at temperatures between 450 and 575 ° C in air, followed by a rapid quenching in cold or hot water, in a shower of water or forced air with an 80,000 m3 / h blower machine;

The quenching in forced air confers advantages to the T7 treated products compared to traditional methods because, in addition to limiting deformations, it reduces residual stresses, an indispensable condition for structural details.

The natural aging of the T4 tempering occurs at room temperature for the 2XXX, 6XXX, 2XX and 3XX alloys and most reach a stable tempering after 96 hours.

Artificial aging between 93-245 ° C is used to obtain a T6 and T7 tempering for improving the mechanical properties of the material.

To complete the service we offer the possibility to perform mechanical tests on the heat treated material.