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Gaseous nitriding is a thermochemical treatment by diffusion of nitrogen in the surface layer of steel; this process generates an enriched area that increases the hardness and counteracts wear, giving the product the following characteristics:
  • Increase in surface hardness
  • Improved resistance to wear, fatigue and notches
  • Less friction
  • Moderate corrosion resistance (thanks to nitrides)
  • Dimensional stability
  • If you add gases that contain carbon, the process is called gas nitrocarburization

The process is unique and final, therefore the pieces can also be subjected to it completely finished as thanks to the maintenance of relatively low temperatures, tensions, deformations and surface alterations are minimized.

The F G Gruppo S.p.A. can offer:

  • Hard and soft gas nitriding
  • Ferritic nitrocarburization
  • Impregnated post-oxidized gas nitriding which confers high performance characteristics of resistance to saline mist