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Induction hardening

Induction hardening

The heat treatment of induction hardening consists in the rapid heating of the area to be hardened, at the austenitizing temperature of the steel, in maintaining this temperature for the time necessary for the complete transformation of the material and in the subsequent rapid cooling, with jets of water or other coolants.

Heat production takes place through currents induced on the surface of the workpiece when it is subjected to the action of an alternating electromagnetic field generated by an inductor coil.

The frequency of the electromagnetic field determines obtainable depth and hardness.

F G Gruppo S.p.A. uses HIGH FREQUENCY systems, based on currents between 100 – 1000 Khz MEDIUM FREQUENCY induction hardening systems, between 3 – 100 Khz and LOW FREQUENCY systems, between 50 – 500 hz

  • high temperature heating
  • electromagnetic fields