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Quality and Enviroment

The Quality and Technical Assurance Team is always operational in order to guarantee the correct implementation of the Quality and Environment Management System of the FG GRUPPO SPA, the organization and the company processes highlighting the aspects necessary to guarantee the conformity of the processes / services, the environmental compliance obligations, meeting the expectations of customers and interested parties.

The Quality and Environment Management System therefore has the scope of maintaining the quality level of processes / products / services and environmental management, constant over time and appropriate to the customer’s needs and to legislative compliance. Therefore it must:

  • ensure the Company’s ability to consistently and consistently provide services that comply with the requirements of the Customers and the applicable mandatory ones
  • increase customer satisfaction through effective system management
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of business processes
  • ensure the satisfaction of all collaborators and other interested parties in the System
  • guarantee environmental compliance obligations
  • ensure the control of the QMS (physical boundaries, activities, environmental management).

The Quality and Environment Policy is widespread within the company and it is the commitment of the Management Committee to work towards it being understood, shared and implemented.

The Management is responsible for defining the Company Quality and Environment Policy, periodically reviewed in the Management Reviews to verify its suitability for the needs of the Organization and Customers.

In defining the Quality and Environment Policy, the Management of FG GROUP ensures that:

  • is appropriate to the purposes and context of the FG GROUP in order to achieve the strategic objectives and related environmental impacts;
  • provides a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives for quality and environmental management;
  • provides for a commitment to meet customer requirements and to pursue the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • constitutes the commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  • constitutes a commitment to comply with the obligations of compliance with the laws and to pursue the continuous improvement of the environmental management system and increase its performance.


Participation in Projects

Over the years the company has participated in different research projects, European and non-European, with excellent results. Research has developed especially in the P.V.D. (Physical Vapor Deposition), highly advanced process, developed worldwide at the Caselette site in the early 1990s, with regard to Electric Arc technology.

This section lists all the projects, both past and in progress


clean deco


f which GBMP and OPTADI: projects financed by the Piedmont region with European funds