Via Asti, 80 - 10090 Cascine Vica Rivoli (TO)
Mechanical tests


F G GRUPPO S.P.A. at the Rivoli headquarters it has equipped itself to perform mechanical tests for customers who need them in order to be able to meet any type of requirement giving a more in-depth feedback on the treatments performed:

Instrumented pendulum for Charpy resilience tests of metal specimens in the form of standard specimens with V-notch 55 mm with a section 10 x 10 mm

The ideal solution for testing carbon and stainless steel for tests with breaking energy up to 450 Joules

250KN tensile testing machine suitable for metal materials with standard specimens.

The machine is equipped with a video strain gauge; the test allows to determine and analyze the mechanical characteristics of the material Rm, ReH, Rel, Rp0,2, A%.