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F G GRUPPO S.p.A. Genta Division, specializes in vacuum heat treatment.

The division’s core business is the vertical hardening of high speed steel broaches up to 2200mm; treats molds and dies made with hot working steels, cold working steels and powder steels.

Thanks to new generation vacuum systems and the strong experience of our operators in the field of heat treatment, we are able to fully develop the potential of steel in terms of mechanical and metallurgical characteristics, fully satisfying the increasingly high demands of our Customers in terms of performance and durability of the molds.

As is known, heat treatment is of primary importance in the production of reliable and long lasting molds, and acquires further importance in the case of subsequent surface treatments such as PVD coatings.

For this reason F G GRUPPO S.p.A. offers integrated heat treatment and PVD coating solutions of high quality and efficacy.

We have several horizontal chamber vacuum heat treatment systems with nitrogen pressure quenching with standard operating dimensions of 900 x 600 x 530 mm or extra-large dimensions of 850 x 900 x 1500 mm.

Next to them, there is a line of vertical chamber systems for the complete heat treatment of large pieces, with maximum operating dimensions of ø 600 mm x 2200 mm.

We can also offer a cryogenic heat treatment service thanks to an under-cooling system that operates at a temperature from 0 to -80 ° C. and a department in the Salts bath that offers the possibility of treating small parts up to 500 mm in height.

The company, the group’s aeronautical hub, can boast twenty years of experience in the aerospace sector, offering heat treatments in technologically advanced systems that can reach the high vacuum of the order 5 × 10-5 mbar, for the most important companies in the sector .

The complete management of each thermal cycle and the careful choice of control parameters, as well as the constant monitoring of the activity of our systems and the constant use of charge control thermocouples are a guarantee of high quality standards.

F G GRUPPO S.p.A. Genta Division also has a metallurgy laboratory equipped to conduct metallographic, macrographic and micrographic analyzes in optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), hardness tests and quality control of thickness and adhesion of PVD coatings made by us.

NADCAP Accreditation