Via Asti, 80 - 10090 Cascine Vica Rivoli (TO)




Nonantola - G.G. Tempra Metalli

Specialized in induction treatments

It has a wide range of numerically controlled induction furnaces powered by high, medium and low frequency static converters that lend themselves to the optimization of cycles on parts ranging from small parts to large dimensions, with the possibility of recording treatment parameters for every piece.

The versatility of the furnaces allows us to treat from the single piece to the large series.

The availability of power reaches 600 kW, frequencies from 2 to 550 KHz.

In this Division we have the possibility to harden diameters up to 600 mm for a height up to 2000 mm.

We are also equipped with a stress relieving furnace for temperatures up to 500 ° C

The Metallurgical laboratory has a Vickers microdurometer, Rockwell durometers, induction hardening profile controls, two metalloscopes and penetrating liquids.