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FG GRUPPO S.p.a. is a Commercial Heat Treater ; years of experience and important collaborations have made it possible for the company to become a leader in the sector and can, to date, offer its customers more solutions and a service that excels in lead time and quality. Over the years our company has pursued a policy of acquiring specialized business units in the various sectors of heat treatment, creating a network of operating units that cooperates and covers central and northern Italy.

The historic center of Rivoli offers 360 ° heat treatments for various mechanical sectors. In particular, in addition to the traditional treatments on construction steels in furnaces for preliminary treatments, final in controlled atmosphere and qualified furnaces for the aeronautical sector, it is specialized for automotive and  it is specialized in treatments on aluminum alloys for which it has dedicated implants.

Rivoli site also offers ferritic nitriding (soft or tenifer) and hard nitriding treatments

Preliminary heat treatments:

Normalization, Quenching and Tempering, Annealing, Isothermal Annealing, Stress Relieving of Welded Structures and Shot Blasting, Straightening

Normalizing, Q+T and isothermal annealing treatments can be performed in batch furnaces (muffle) or in continuous furnaces with loading capacity sized up to 2 meters wide and 6 meters long.

Normalizing and Stress Relief treatments of the welded structures can be carried out in a carriage furnace with a capacity of up to 5 meters in width and 15 meters in length (50 T).

Final heat treatments:

NORMALIZING and Q+T in a controlled atmosphere, carburizing, carbonitriding, straightening , vacuum H.T. , annealing of copper alloys in muffle batch furnaces or pit furnaces with load capacity up to 2.5 meters in length.

Small parts treatments in rotating retort furnaces. 

Hardening and tempering treatments for mold steels

Soft nitriding treatments (up to 0.1 mm) and hard nitriding (from 0.1 to 0.8 mm)

Induction treatments:

Induction hardening in low, medium and high frequency.

This department has recently acquired a supplier qualification for an HF machine to treat aeronautical parts; it also boasts of being able to harden molds and guides using advanced technology such as L.a.s.e.r HARDENIG.

The Rivoli site is qualified for the Aeronautics and Aerospace sector Heat Treatments, in particular it performs

Normalization of hardening – tempering – annealing on construction steels, on PH series steels, on 400 series steels, stress and tempering starting from 150 ° C and has obtained NADCAP accreditation

It is the reference point of the group for Aluminum and light alloys treatments

Solubilization treatments – aging – annealing – stabilization – straightening on aluminum alloys T0-T4-T5-T6-T7 in chamber furnaces and in a continuous furnace with quenching in cold water, heated water, shower or forced air

In the headquarters we find the Metallurgical Laboratory best equipped with x50 – x1000 microscope, quantometer, Vickers microdurometers – Rockwell durometers – Brinell – Mechanical tests

NADCAP accreditation