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T.T.S. Special heat treatments


Rubiera - T.T.S. Special heat treatments

The TTS Division boasts forty years of experience in the field of controlled atmosphere treatments and specializes in carburizing and hardening treatments on gears and quenching and tempering in a controlled atmosphere.

In the field of gears, martempering processes have been developed for the quenching of carburized parts in rooms. This type of process allows critical details to be treated with considerable containment of hardening deformations.

Over the years the Division has developed a remarkable production capacity in the field of treatments with traditional quenching in oil and salt baths for bainitic quenching .

There are plants for the austempering process on cast iron A.D.I. for which the Company boasts a long and tested experience.

The useful dimensions of the furnaces are: 1200 × 760 H 760 mm. / 2000 × 1000 H 1000 mm.

There are pit furnaces for hard and soft gas nitriding and annealing in a nitrogen atmosphere

The company is equipped to perform the impregnated post-oxidized gas nitriding treatment to give high performance characteristics of resistance to salt fog

The Metallurgical laboratory has a Microscope x50 – x1000, quantometer, Vickers microdurometers – Rockwell Durometers – Brinell